sábado, 14 de novembro de 2015

Sweatear Weather Tag - English

Hello loves!

Today I answer a tag I have seen several youtubers do and how loved come to share with you my answers. On Thursday I posted in Portuguese, so today I bring you in English.

1. Sailing favorite smell?
At this point a lot like sweet smells, and right now I'm in vanilla.

2. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I drink tea all year, and when it starts to get cold like time drinking hot chocolate but without exaggerating, because hurt.

3. What is your best memory of autumn?
The bread of God in school will always be my best memory fall, we made a wheel and we received and we shared many things in our bags by God bread always had fruit of the season and sweets.

4. What is the trend of favorite makeup: dark lips and winged liner?
For those who have noticed I do not use pencils eyes, dark lips and love at this time, so ... dark lips.

5. What is your favorite scent of autumn?
At this point I love using my Pure Poison by Dior.

6. How is the autumn where you live?
Madeira can catch the 4 seasons in one day in various parts of the island. Funchal which is where I live, so can give rain and cold as can give sun, so it is always complicated because until you actually get even the coldest time is that I love. If I go to the home of Daniel at Santo da Serra then yes is wretched cold but I love, and heavy rain.

7. What is the knitted sweater that you use most?
I do not have many but one in the photo below that use more because you can pass between the time of Funchal and the Santo da Serra time.

8. What is your favorite autumn varnish?
I love maple and red.

9. Football games or skip the dry leaves?
Between the two, I choose to skip the dry leaves, but make no.

10. Skinny Jeans or Leggins?
Leggins preferably opaque.

11. Combat Boots or Uggs?
No, I love high boots or boots.

12. Favorite TV program?

With love,
Catarina <3

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