quinta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2017

What I received from Rosegal!

So as you know guys I have a partnership with Rosegal, and know they have really nice flower print dress, so if you are looking a flower print dress check Rosegal!
So I´ve receiveid everything in one month and it all come very well pack whath I really enjoy, everything fit perfectly. The romper is gourgeous, the sunglasses are cute and the brushes are very nice!
So you can see the pictures that I take bellow and I did a video that you can check in my channel.

Finally the black mask is good and funny to do.

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!
Time for a new outfit!

Witl love,
Catarina <3

terça-feira, 5 de setembro de 2017

Playlist do momento

Hoje partilho convosco as músicas que tenho andado viciada no momento, peço desculpa pelo blog estar tão desactualizado, mas não sei mesmo que escrever por cá, assim que também vos peço para deixarem ideias de posts que gostariam de ver nos comentários. 

Com amor,
Catarina <3